Are you Pinterested?

Pinterest is a photo sharing website that allows users to upload, save, sort, and manage images – known as “pins”.  Pinterest is known as a great site to increase awareness.  It can also be used to increase sales and website traffic.

Pinterest caters to millennial women ages 25 to 34 who are interested in cooking, DIY (Do it Yourself),  fashion and home decor.  Pinterest users appear to be more interested in brands than personalities.  More than 1.36 million visitors go to daily.

Your organization can harness the power of Pinterest through a variety of ways.  Most important is to make sure “pins” are seen.  Pinterest can be used in a number of ways to help increase sales and website traffic.  Several ideas can be viewed below:

1). Photos should include descriptive text that will help “pins” bubble to the top of search results.  Utilize Pinterest analytic tools (and other social media and online search data) to identify keywords that will help images posted surface higher among search results.

2). Use “Rich Pins” to provide further details to help with conversion.

3). Backlink photos to your company, or organizational website so that consumers who click on photos will be directed to your site.


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